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Design Collection

Su tessingiu_edited_edited.png
Su tessingiu_edited_edited.png


Each artifact becomes a work of art, the result of a consolidated know-how of the typical island textile processing techniques to Pibiones, which consists of a wire in the interweaving manual thicker, said “tramone” which is then intersected in the filaments individually.

Elena Perdighe_edited.jpg


In FREGOLA collection, the functional and unchallenged aesthetic appealis characterized by the decorative motifs made entirely with traditional looms manuals using the technique to Pibiones characteristic relief effect.

Elena Perdighe_edited.jpg
Su Marmuri_edited_edited.jpg
Su Marmuri_edited_edited.jpg


The artifacts, made with the embossed texture technique Pibionesaccording to the ancient handloom manufacturing techniques, are the result of a meticulous selection of the natural fiber yarns of the highest quality: local sheep wool, linen and cotton.

Schermata 2020-08-05 alle 11.45_edited.jpg


ARTENOVA collection is dedicated to the creation of a line of guides and carpets of different sizes and colors, that despite the use of the mechanical loom maintain the quality standards of traditional workmanship.

Schermata 2019-09-11 alle 13.32.05.png
Piazza Civica 1, Alghero (SS) – Sardegna 
Bistrot & Concept Store - Gioia Mí

Via Simon 32, Alghero

(SS) - Sardegna

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