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Gioie di Sardegna stems from the desire to promote and enhance Sardinian timeless handicraft tradition with a contemporary focus approach.

Design, passion, sensitivity and devotion are the characteristics of those who, for over forty years dedicated themselves to the research, selection and sales of handicrafts design products.

The object becomes the undisputable focus, son of a story of people and family workshops that never cease to look to the modern world, interpreting its codes and dynamics and revisiting them to the eyes of tradition thanks to the knowledge of a traditional know-how unique in the world .


This ancient tradition has now reached a new generation of designers who often have left the island to attend international academies and laboratories and back then, richer and more aware about the artisan tradition of its own land.

Innovative and ancient materials and processing techniques mingle and merge into a new formula creating unique items that inextricably bind art and tradition. 

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Piazza Civica 1, Alghero (SS) – Sardegna 
Bistrot & Concept Store - Gioia Mí

Via Simon 32, Alghero

(SS) - Sardegna

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