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Gioie di Sardegna has its main and only focus on artisanal production.

If not available in stock, products may have long production times in comparison to industrial design companies.
Artisanal products may display minor imperfections due to handmade manufacturing that should be considered as peculiarities of the product itself.

All our products undergo a tight quality control.
This notice contains the legal terms and conditions that govern the website, Gioie di Sardegna.

Users of Gioie di Sardegna accept and agree to respect all the conditions included in this declaration.


If users do not accept these terms, Gioie di Sardegna di Marras Giuseppina reserves the right to ask the users to refrain from using the website Gioie di Sardegna.
The visualization of the website Gioie di Sardegna provides customers with product information and the possibility to purchase merchandise.

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