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Double Band Striped Cuscion - NATURART

Double Band Striped Cuscion - NATURART

SKU: mrm002red

Double Band Striped Cushion: valuable cotton fabrics weaved at the hand loom following the Pibiones technique, create the pillowcase by the Cooperative Su Marmuri, which is a versatile furnishing accessory suitable for all house ambiance.


Refined and highly graphic in the representation of pattern lines  emphasized by the contrast between the colours black and cream.

Essential and contemporary, this item has an extraordinary cultural value thanks to the artist Carolina Melis,  international  graphic designer,  that gives a modern touch to this ancient and traditional art personalizing our homes and making them comfortable and sophisticated.

  • Details

    MATERIAL: 100% cotton

    DIMENSIONS: One size 40x40

    PROCESSING: Hand loom

    Items for sale on our site are crafted creations handmade by artisans in their workshops in Sardinia (Italy). Each object is unique and may vary a little in shape, size and color. The photo is representative and not binding. The order may take from 10 to 30 working days.

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