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Mirror Oval NATURA

Mirror Oval NATURA

€ 199,00Prezzo

Dimensions: 48x38cm


Fervor, passionand popular culturemake NATURA's creations unique.

Unique and exclusive objects entirely handmadein a small workshop, family-run hotel in the south of Sardinia. 

Their expressive power evokes the imagery of popular cultureand the island’s mythology.


The collection offers a wide range of products: lamps, plates, centerpieces, mirrors and animal sculpturesof terrestrial and marine wildlife, available in unique shapesand colors that recall the peculiarities of a wild and untamed.


    Items for sale on our site are crafted creations handmade by artisans in their workshops in Sardinia(Italy). Each object is unique and may vary a little in shape, size and color. The photo is representative and not binding. The order may take from 10 to 30 working days.


    Have questions about this product? Want to get a quote on custom, sizes and characteristics? Go to our CONTACTS section and write us an email, we will get back at you as soon as possible

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